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Welcome To Yoga Vibe

Yoga in South Western Sydney.

Our Studio

At YogaVibe, we provide a holistic system of learning Hatha Yoga that embraces the essence of this ancient yogic tradition while making it relevant to our modern day lives.
Each class presents a new idea about how to live our lives fully and with an open heart. YogaVibe classes will challenge you to embrace your limitless potential in life. Experience freedom in movement and peace of mind through the practice of yoga. Yoga emphasizes alignment whilst developing stamina, strength, flexibility and balance.
Our teachers are welcoming, caring and knowledgeable, creating an atmosphere for learning that is safe, comfortable and fun for students of all ages and levels of fitness.

Our Mission

At YogaVibe we strive to bring you the best yoga teaching experiences in our studio that is warm, friendly and supportive. Our aim is to empower and support people on their yoga journey with the knowledge and thetools to reach their full potential. Although we offer a variety of styles, all classes offer one common thing, a comfortable and safe space in which to explore the mind, body and soul.
Discover the benefits of yoga in our relaxed and friendly studio in Wetherill Park.




I love my classes at YogaVibe!!! It is an amazing studio where I feel supported and encouraged with my practice. it becomes my safe haven from my busy life and a place

I have made so many wonderful friends. Vivienne is an amazing teacher giving an variety of styles to fit any peson and their needs. I recommend the studio and Vivienne's teaching style to anyone. Victoria



Over the years I have attened many yoga studios throughout Sydney..and I have to say yoga teacher Vivienne is simply the best. she is an amazing human being who enjoys helping you with posture and alignment, breathing and whatever other challenges arise. I feel very blessed and recommend this to anyone that wants to take their health up to the next level. Ashur


At YogaVibe, Vivienne will show you how a yoga pose is done. I have been to other yoga studio's and she is the best hands down!!! Marta
I am very happy I found YogaVibe, I had been searhing for good yoga classes around my area.. but was not happy with the ones I had attended to the point I stopped going to classes. somehow through a friend I found YogaVibe, my first class was amazing! Vivienne is a professional and experienced and you can tell through her pasion for yoga vibrates through her students. I love the studio... I have enjoyed every class, each one an amazing experience. i would strongly recommend the studio to anyone. Suzie





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